Sleep Better, Feel Better, LiveBetter

Improving Deep Sleep With Technology

Design a love you love. Feel better, sleep better, and focus better when your body is ready to sleep. SomnoTech is a sleep training wearable device; it uses smart technology and patented algorithms to train your mind and body to relax and achieve deeper, longer and more restful deep sleep.
You Can Take It Anywhere

Lightweight and Simple to Use

- Single Charge up to a week

- Lightweight and Portable

Backed by Science

We've used the latest research to create a sleep device backed by science and technology to help you get a better night's sleep

Drug-Free Sleep

- Non habit Forming

- No side effects

- Suitable for all ages

Automated Deep Sleep Enhancement with Somno Tech

At SomnoTech, we produce and design innovative wearable devices that make deep sleep possible. Our mission is to provide solutions that are tailor made according to out customer’s needs. SomnoTech device will be revolutionary in assisting people worldwide to get more deep sleep and achieve a better quality of life. It will enable you and your loved ones to have a deeper, uninterrupted sleep without medication or drugs by working with the brain’s natural capacity and ability to relax. In other words, SomnoTech device will help you feel rested and refreshed every single day.